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Are You Struggling with Addiction?


We all want to lead happy and healthy lives, but the escalating number of overdose-related deaths has risen dramatically and ravaged our families. We must come together as a community and as a nation, while rejecting harmful stereotypes associated with addiction. 

Join us for a benefit concert hosted by Comedian Chris Williams and featuring performances by top South Jersey & Philadelphia recording artists and bands! Artwork by Wheaton ArtsPaprika Letterpress, and Taylor Hughes will be on display and up for auction – and you won’t want to miss mouthwatering bites from Mary’s Mobile Diner! Addiction treatment centers will also share overdose prevention kits and educational information regarding addiction treatment as key members of our community speak up about their personal experiences with addiction

Proceeds from ticket, food, and silent auction sales will go toward substance abuse services at City of Angels NJ and The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation located in Trenton and Hamilton, New Jersey. The time is now to move toward positive solutions to prevent future overdose related incidents.

In loving memory of Ryan Archut 

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R(ev)IVAL Addiction provides an outlet for performing artists to share their work and a platform for discussion about what the community can do to help end the overdose epidemic. We must urge our healthcare providers and elected officials to explore positive, impactful policies and take action by:

Monitoring opioid prescribing through measures such as prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), which will give doctors a better idea of how much opioid a patient is receiving, even if the patient visits multiple doctors. 

Developing guidelines for opioid prescribing to alleviate unnecessary prescriptions for opioids and help doctors rely more on alternatives to pain medications, such as physical therapy.

Providing medication assistance by offering counseling and support to opioid users. When patients are more closely monitored and counseled, they may be more likely to control their use.

Making naloxone more readily available to opioid users. Naloxone can block the effects of opioids, which is especially useful in rescuing someone from an overdose.

Reducing the shame and stigma of opioid misuse by increasing recovery and support. Shame perpetuates the problem and stigma prevents people from seeking the help that they need.

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R(ev)IVAL Addiction began as part of International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD), a global event that aims to raise awareness about overdoses and reduce the stigma of drug-related death. It also acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have met with death or permanent injury as a result of drug overdose. 

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